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the Styles and Opportunity

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I am a mother of 2 very amazing boys. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 3 now. Both boys are very energetic,smart and loving in such exceptional ways. They do require 1-1 supervision 24/7 due to medical, social and emotional needs.

I will be honest here, they are exhausting and frustrating mentally and physically, BUT they have great intentions. You see, they require special needs and a life altering lifestyle for our entire family so I spend every day in home doing 1-1 therapies for each child as well as help other Special Families with the Super Friends of Parker group. Such an amazing group of families helping one another.

I had to quit my job once I had my oldest. This was half our annual income and for several years we just made do caring for him. Then, when our second son was born and also needed support I was introduced to LuLaRoe. I thought, FINALLY a wonderful product that my son could wear and help with body comfort and regulation/awareness. It also helped me get close to him because he loved petting the soft clothes I wore. For a child that doesn't like physical connection (or didn't at first) it was a heart-filling experience that allowed him to open the doors to physical contact 

Since then I made the leap into becoming a retailer and sharing my love and passion for the product with other families. I have converted my home into a SAFE & SENSORY FRIENDLY shopping experience for Adults and Children to comfortably shop and get advice on their passion for style and comfort.

I use my Shop Profits to help families with education, connection, supplies and other special needs. I have also been able to supplement our families income a bit to pay for special need items for my children. We also were able to buy a car free from debt when ours was no longer working. ALL AMAZING LIFE CHANGING THINGS MADE POSSIBLE SOLELY FROM the #lularoewithaliciae shop.

Most rewarding for me though, the fact that a 3yr old and a newborn have been with me helping the shop operate from day one. For the last couple years my boys have helped me hang, fold, sell, shop, photograph and play while I work to help them and other families. Currently, I am bring on occasional help and paying young adults with and without special needs wanting to learn job skills and independence in the shop too.

I am taking a moment now to reflect on where I was and how far I have come. I can say that i would not change anything with how things have turned out.

I love and appreciate ALL OF YOU for making this all possible. You are MY HERO's!

Please enjoy the site and contact me via email with any questions. I want to be sure you are happy with your purchase.


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the Styles and Opportunity


the Styles and Opportunity


the Styles and Opportunity


the Styles and Opportunity

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